How to scan QR and Barcode by Britecheck App

December 16, 2020

Say goodbye to manual entry and spreadsheets. Scanner revolutionizes inventory counting, making it effortless. Whether you need a full or partial count, any member of your team can do it with just a mobile device that is compatible

Download Britecheck QR & Barcode Scanner app for inventory management for iPhone and Android to quickly start managing your items. It's an extremely easy-to-use this mobile application. Start checking pricing or scanning items with this app in 1 minute.

The Britecheck barcode scanning system, specifically designed for small businesses, is now accessible from your phone. The mobile app allows users to perform stock management tasks such as shipping/receiving, order tracking, creating custom fields, setting alerts, and more. With the mobile app, you can stay up-to-date with your stock from any location, as the data is synced with the web system.

Having a QR & Barcode Scanning app is necessary for this inventory management system. QR codes and barcodes have become a popular way to monitor and manage goods, especially for both physical and online stores.
With the help of this app, it's possible to track items from any smartphone and record every detail related to stock and its movement.

Utilizing an barcode system helps save money since no expensive scanning equipment is needed - simply use a phone or tablet!

The app is connected to all other devices, allowing for inventory reports about your stock. You can quickly identify which items need to be replenished and keep track of the cycle counts for each item with the touch of a button.

Scanning Inventory QR codes with the Barcode Scanning App

Getting the Britecheck QR scanning app to your phone or tablet is easy - just visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play and download it.

It's fantastic that numerous eCommerce platforms and website builders have the capabilities to produce barcodes for your products.
With just a few clicks of the qr code scanner, you can easily get the barcodes you need.

How to scan QR and Barcode by Britecheck App

Open Britecheck, a simple cloud inventory management software for small business. Britecheck uses your phone camera, so no any additional device is needed.
Hold your device up to a label or QR code to start.

By default, iPhones and Androids detect QR codes or barcode labels and attempt to open up the stored data in your phone. When using a scanner app like Britecheck, the same thing happens, except that barcode data is logged into the mobile app.

Input the amount or cost of an item, as well as any other applicable labels. Store the product with its barcode info and instantly have access to the stock item on the Britecheck dashboard, either through the app or the web-based platform.

How to scan barcodes with an Android phone:

The process follows:

1. Download Britecheck scanning app on Google Play
2. Hold up the scanning app to the code.
3. Click the magnifying glass icon to complete a scan of the code.
4. If you see a popup notification, tap on it to accept.

Android phones are already configured to scan QR codes, so there shouldn't be any setting adjustments required to make this work. An Apple device varies from Androids in the process and has the potential for having to change a few default settings on your device.

Here's how to use the barcode scanner with an iPhone:

1. With the iPhone Inventory app open, point your device at the code.
2. Wait for the device to scan the code.
3. You may see a popup notification. If so, click on it.

As mentioned, you may have difficulty if your iPhone or iPad settings aren’t configured properly. If you don’t see a QR code notification after pointing your camera at the code, troubleshoot the problem by going to Settings > Camera. Make sure the “Scan QR Codes” setting is activated.

What Options Are Available After You Scan an Item With the App?

This app provides incredible control over your in-stock items. Scanning a barcode or QR code is only part of the process.

After that, you have the ability to complete the following:
Set Quantities, Add Tags, and Move to Folders

How to scan QR and Barcode by Britecheck App

Once you have scanned and saved the items in the Britecheck mobile app, web system, or Excel files, the app provides multiple ways to customize each scan. One such option is to set the stock amount for each item. The app provides buttons to easily increase and decrease the quantities or to directly edit them from the device.

The ability to organize item information can be done quickly and easily. This can be done by creating a new folder or adding tags for future reference.
This is available through both the Android and Apple apps. This makes it simpler for those who need to keep track of stock.
They can use their phones or tablets rather than carrying around additional devices.

Alerts for Inventory Changes

In addition to setting an item count, the app for barcode scanner enables you to be notified when stock gets low or has been sold out.
With the app or desktop dashboard, you can select an item that has already been scanned and specify when and why you want to receive an alert.

How to scan QR and Barcode by Britecheck App

Your business may require advanced warning when stock levels are dropping. Set an alert in the app to be notified when the count drops below a certain amount.
Other options include alerting you before a warranty or product expiry date. This is to make sure you don't sell any items that are no longer usable.

Our Conclusion

Making use of an app to read barcodes can help to make stock tracking and management more straightforward while reducing the need for other tools like hardware scanners or mobile computers. If you have any queries regarding using a straightforward yet powerful app to manage your stock levels, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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How to scan QR and Barcode by Britecheck App

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To quickly begin to check pricing of items or insert an item in the system, download the Britecheck QR & Barcode Scanner app for iPhone and Android. This mobile app is extremely user-friendly, allowing users to start in no time.