The Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

November 20, 2020

Having the right inventory management software in place can have a huge impact on the success of a business - without one, it can become costly and time-consuming to keep tabs on stock levels.


The success of a business depends on how well its different parts work together. Inventory management, supply chain, and logistics are important parts of running a business. For small businesses, managing inventory can be tricky. They need to keep enough inventory in their warehouse to meet customer demand, but not too much that it leads to wasted money on holding costs.

Small and medium-sized businesses need a good inventory system to help them manage their supply and finances. They need to keep track of their inventory to make sure they don't have too much or too little. It's important for these businesses to keep up with the changes in inventory management to stay successful.

In order to keep a business running smoothly, it's important to regularly check both internal and external factors. This is done through inventory management, which helps plan and review. Usually, big companies have a specific team for this, working with other departments like production and finance. But now, thanks to advancements in technology, smaller businesses can also manage their inventory easily with the help of inventory management software.

How important inventory management software is to your business

Small business owners often find themselves so busy dealing with the daily operations of their growing business that tasks such as inventory management take a backseat. This can be a costly mistake, as the US Small Business Administration indicates that many small businesses fail due to a lack of inventory tracking. Even those with 11-499 employees need a system of tracking, which can lead to production shortages and decreased customer satisfaction.

Manual record-keeping can lead to mistakes and time-consuming searches for misplaced items. A reliable inventory management system can increase sales and profits by reducing expenses. A survey showed that 54% of Chief Supply Chain Officers are looking for ways to reduce costs, and companies that prioritize inventory can cut costs by up to 35%.

Introducing Britecheck, the best and simple inventory software

Britecheck was designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses seeking the best solution for inventory management. Our cloud-based platform is user-friendly and provides accurate forecasting to prevent stock shortages and overstocking.

Our unique system features a barcode scanning system, utilizing QR codes and barcodes for precise tracking and detailed reporting. With this technology, you can stay informed about your stock levels, make informed projections, and confidently place orders, ensuring that you always have the right amount of inventory on hand.

Our platform offers an easy barcode scanning solution that does not require extra costly hardware. This basic inventory management program permits you to monitor particular items, including information like stock amount, cost, area, description, and other components that are important to you and your workers. All you need is your smartphone, which can be used as a scanner.

Our cloud inventory management software manages your inventory and gives you the opportunity to concentrate on other parts of your business.

Why use Britecheck?

Britecheck was created to meet the specific needs of small businesses. It has since become the ideal inventory management system for small businesses all over the world, due to its incorporation of advanced technology and the vast knowledge of its team. This software provides businesses with an easy-to-use inventory tracking system that is both convenient and stress-free. This article will discuss the unique features that make Britecheck stand out.

1. Simple software management software for small businesses

Make inventory management easy with Britecheck - a user-friendly software designed by our team. No complicated setup is necessary. Simply download the Britecheck app on either iOS or Android and start using it right away.

With its simple interface, you can keep track of your stock both on-site and remotely with ease. Say goodbye to expensive employee wages and other related expenses, while still having complete control over your inventory.

2. Easily accessible from Android, iPhone, and Tablet

Britecheck software can run on all mobile devices, such as Apple and Android. The application is available for download on the Apple Store and Play Store. This makes it easy to market your products in all your sales channels right from your devices.

3. Cloud Inventory Management Software

Maximize your global shipping operations with real-time tracking of inventory location and quantity with the Britecheck stock tracking system. Access inventory information 24/7 from anywhere using your mobile device to scan QR codes. Manage lead times and ensure timely sales by delivering goods to customers on schedule. Maintain complete control over lead times, even when traveling for business, and never miss customer demands with the Britecheck system.

To support this easy access, we have developed the Britecheck inventory app, which:

  • Easily keeps your finished product information up-to-date with regular automatic syncing.
  • Never worry about losing your inventory data with automated backups that can be restored to a previous date if needed.
  • Allow the right team members to manage your inventory with user access options.
  • Easily share reports with others through CSV and PDF exports with just a click of a button.

Through our app, you will be able to easily track all your stock, ensuring zero losses to your business, a key component for 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Planning Inventory Refill

Our inventory software helps stabilize demand and supply by creating a detailed replenishment plan based on sales and upcoming purchases. The software has a user-friendly interface for efficient inventory planning, freeing your team to focus on growing your business. It is flexible and can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

5. Safety Stock Management

As a warehouse manager, you must have enough finished products and raw materials to meet demand while not overstocking your warehouse. Without the best inventory software, your business is likely to have excess inventory. It similarly means that your inventory will rely on physical counting to keep tabs on your inventory. Britecheck allows you to keep track of which goods sell faster and which do not. Britecheck automates your inventory checks removing the need for physical counting. This helps you to make more educated purchasing selections while also decreasing waste and storage costs.

Top Features

Britecheck offers features that can help grow your business. It is versatile, customizable, and provides a real-time visual representation of your stock. It has made it easier to see the available stock in your warehouse in real time.

Other top features include:

  • Get notified about low stock levels and when stock is moved with personalized alerts for you and your team.
  • Track each item of stock as it moves from warehouse to warehouse or is sent to customers with automatic record-keeping.
  • Keep all location information saved in the online inventory management program.
  • Personalize your dashboard and rearrange your inventory on mobile devices for easy access to your best-selling products.
  • Check-in/out items - using the mobile scanner, you can quickly check-in/out items to your workforce, client demand, tasks, or locations. It does away with the need to physically count your inventory.
  • Custom fields - track your stock items such as price, quantity, alerts, and warehouse locations to match your business requirements.
  • Provide team members with user access, whether limited or full, allowing cross-management of your business.
  • Use backups to ensure that your data is safe and accessible in the future when needed.
  • Link your inventory with third-party platforms such as POS system that your organization may already be using.
  • Get reports on your inventory showing how much you have, which items sell quickly, and which categories perform well.

Try Britecheck Now!

Britecheck offers simple inventory management software that is essential for small businesses. The software helps simplify decisions related to resupplying inventory, buying, manufacturing, paying, selling, and pricing. Physical counting and manual record systems like spreadsheets are no longer effective and Britecheck will take your business to the next level.
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Having the right inventory management system in place can have a huge impact on the success of a business - without one, it can become costly and time-consuming to keep tabs on stock levels.