Introducing Britecheck, an inventory management software that does all the dirty work for your business, all in a simple, mobile-friendly package.

Britecheck empowers business owners with an intuitive inventory management software for visually understanding every detail of your operation. You gain control over a multi-device system for tracking your inventory, no matter where the inventory is located in the world. Your goal with inventory should be to have a full picture at your fingertips, not searching around in databases or software to figure out whether or not your inventory is in the right place.

An Inventory Management Software Without The Need for Complicated Training

What’s the point of going through a sales demo with an inventory management software salesperson? Yes, inventory is complicated, but your inventory management software should ease those pain points. And what’s with the long training visits and materials to figure out how to use inventory management software? There’s no reason for lengthy calls or dense tutorials in today’s business world. Britecheck offers an alternative to this complex process of sales and training. The Britecheck inventory management software is specifically designed so that you, and your workers, never have to call us or sit around for an onboarding session.

That’s the way it should be. What else makes Britecheck a breeze?

  • The inventory management software syncs your products on a regular basis.
  • Automated backups ensure that your inventory data is never lost, and it can be restored to a past date at any time.
  • User access options allow for the right people on your team to gain access to the inventory management tools and reports.
  • Report sharing is done with the click of a button, with CSV and PDF exports.

Focus On Your Entire Business, Not Just Inventory

Your day-to-day requires inventory management, but that doesn’t mean it should be the main thought on your mind. Inventory isn’t exactly exciting, but it can be simple. Britecheck turns the tedious task of inventory management and turns it into a pleasant, uncomplicated experience. Inventory change notifications are sent to you so that you’re not wondering about any low stock. The simple inventory tracking software keeps its eye on the operation for you. Your only job is to log into the inventory management software whenever it’s time to add a new item or make a change to your product collection.

What else can you expect from the Britecheck inventory management software?

  • The inventory tracking module works on all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.
  • A built-in QR code and barcode scanner assists with adding or removing items to/from your inventory.
  • Generate your own scannable codes that go along with each item of inventory.
  • Link the Britecheck inventory tracking software to a handheld scanner for easier processing.

Fully Customizable to Fit Your Business

With Britecheck, there’s no cookie-cutter interface in sight. And that’s the way it should be. Your company is unique in many ways, even when compared to your closest competitors. The best inventory management software for your business is the one that’s customizable and versatile for the way you work. Britecheck is highly visual and offers a beautiful dashboard interface. After that, it’s up to you to decide how it functions. From managing inventory details to tracking the movement of inventory across locations, Britecheck has the core functionality, but it’s also flexible in every way.

  • Create custom alerts that get sent to you and your workers, from low stock alerts to reminders about when certain stock gets moved to another location.
  • Keep a tracker on each item of inventory as it moves from warehouse to warehouse or to your customers. Each location is logged and stored in the Britecheck inventory management software.
  • Customize the look and feel of your dashboard. Filter so that your most popular products show up first and adjust inventory organization on your mobile devices.

Feature Highlights from the Best Inventory Management Software on the Market

Business owners like plain and easy. It doesn’t always go that way, but there’s no reason for an inventory management software to add to the stress. That’s why the Britecheck inventory management software keeps complex features to a minimum. It’s a powerful software, but simplicity for the user comes first.

The following features are designed to save you time and duress, turning the inventory management process into a pleasant one.

  • Access the inventory management software on any device of your choosing. Switch between the mobile and tablet versions, then jump on the computer to see everything synced properly.
  • Generate and print out your own custom barcodes to place on your inventory and scan for tracking.
  • Schedule alerts that notify you of low stock situations or reminders.
  • Grant user access to team members, whether it’s limited or full access.
  • Export detailed inventory reports in the form of PDF or CSV documents.
  • Link the inventory scanning software to a handheld scanner of your choice.
  • Scan the barcodes or QR codes with the Britecheck mobile software.
  • Incorporate custom fields to customize the inventory tracking process for your own business.
  • Upload branding elements to the software such as custom colors and your logo.
  • Tag each inventory item and write notes for reference later.
  • Upload photos for your inventory to quickly see which items are being referred to.
  • Activate multi-currency support.
  • Use backups to ensure your data is safe and available from the past.
  • Bulk import your inventory to Britecheck.
  • Track users to see which inventory moves have been made.
  • Integrate the inventory management software with third-party systems that you may already use in your company.

Ready to Make Your Inventory Tracking and Management Much Easier?

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