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Biggest Issues of Supply Chain and Inventory Management

An Overabundance of Data

An Overabundance of Data

Processing data can require a lot of effort from human staff.

Tracking Issues

Tracking Issues

It can be very difficult to track each item in inventory to get the correct analysis from it.

Inventory Planning Difficulties

Inventory Planning Difficulties

Inventory planning requires data collection and processing in real-time, along with timely planning and decisions.

Optimizes Inventory Management

How AI Optimizes Inventory Management

AI helps plan inventory replenishment so you will always be fully stocked, provides you with an estimated time of arrival to exceed customer expectations, and offers safety stock management to react and leverage incoming stock demands. Users can add and remove inventory, quickly transfer stock, access information instantly on every product, and perform cycle counts.

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Based in USA, Britecheck is a team of entrepreneurs and product and marketing developers who are experienced in startups.

The CEO and founder of Britecheck, has over 17 years’ experience under his belt while working on enterprise platform development projects for Fortune 500 companies including InterContinental Hotels Group, Samsung, France Telecom, Quest Software (DELL), Nielsen Media, Protective Life Insurance, and other startups.

The CTO, Co-founder of Britecheck, Alex Minakov, specializes in developing automated services and has built 3 startups within the past 15 years. The Team also consists of 7 experienced developers who know what it takes to grow fast.

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More than 10,000 businesses, large and small, choose Britecheck